Artists @ 3231

Contact us if you’d like to be a part of our growing community or learn more.  Iris (425)241-5611; James (425)241-5911

In addition to the artists above who work out of our building, we are also currently carrying the following artist’s work in our 3231 store:

Would you like to showcase your work in process at 3231 Creatives?  If so, we have the perfect opportunity, called Artist in Action.  Artist in Action is a way for you to showcase yourself and your work in our retail store front.

Artist in Action — Our goal is to create a vibrant workplace where artists of all disciplines can engage with the public on a one to one basis.  A core part of our mission is to allow the community at large to engage, experience and explore creativity.  We are seeking to make that core front and center on Broadway.  The more interactive the better.  This is not passive but rather we hope to interact with people to inspire and light a fire.

When:  This opportunity is available any time during our open hours (Wed. through Sat. noon to 7).  We would like to schedule working artists in the space from 2 pm to 6 pm daily, offering a rotation so that we may offer as many artists as possible the opportunity to showcase their work.

Who:  Any artist with a passion for creation.  Welcoming all.  Fiber arts, fine art, musicians, jewelers, ceramics, graphic designers, photographers, writers, performers — any art process that can be set up in an 8×8 foot open area.  A work surface will be provided, as well as the opportunity to store materials and tools onsite should that be needed for your discipline.

What’s required from you:  A commitment to show up and work.  Not only will this provide you a discipline to your process but will also aid you in producing a body of work that you can sell.  The intention is to sell ‘on the spot’ — however, 3231 Creatives also offers consignment opportunities for art and fine crafts. 

Ongoing workshops is also an aim of 3231 Creatives and we believe that Artist in Action can act as a springboard to workshop development.  Fostering interest in your talent and teaching others to find their own unique voice.  The sky is the limit.  You simply need to heat the air and fill the balloon.

One Response to Artists @ 3231

  1. Please add EQUINOX Showcase @ 3231 CREATIVE’S on 03-21-13 from 13:21 till 21:31
    to our calender, thanks Dennis

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