CUT – Music shows +

  The Creatives Underground (aka The CUT) is a new, wonderful venue in downtown Everett that puts on all ages music shows, fashion shows, burlesque shows, dancing performances, and integrative art performances of all kinds — all featuring local talent!

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MUSIC SHOWS ARE HAPPENING ALL SUMMER LONG ON MOST WEEK-ENDS!   LIKE US on FACEBOOK!  For show dates and inquiries about performing in the Creatives Underground, please visit our FB page!  Show dates are also listed in our events calendar.

Also, follow us on Twitter @TheCutEverett

CUT music show 9 CUT music show 10 CUT music show 11 CUT music show3

4 Responses to CUT – Music shows +

  1. LEE JOHNNY says:


    • Hi Lee Johnny,
      THANKS for your interest and sorry to be so slow in response. We had some server issues during November and I’m just now realizing I totally missed seeing your message. Richard Delashmit manages the CUT’s music shows now. I will connect you two via email. He is beginning to line up bands for shows beginning in April. You can also reach him through the CUT FB page. Best regards, Iris

  2. You mentioned wanting to have my band, Digital Chemistry at your venue..had not heard back from you…
    Rob/ DC

    • Hi Rob,
      This is Iris. I’m one of the co-founders of 3231. Richard Delashmit is the guy you want to connect with as he heads up our music shows. I’ll connect you 2 via email. You can also reach Richard through CUT’s FB page. Apologies for our delay in response. I’m sure Richard will get back to you asap.
      Best to you, Iris

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