Transition and Change at 3231 Creatives

the paradeKnowing how fast rumors run rampant during times of transition and change, we wanted to make sure that the real story about what’s currently happening at 3231 Creatives and where we’re going from here with our vision is known … especially for all of you lovely people who have supported our endeavor and want to continue to support our evolution.

beginner sewing 101rvBottom line, the current building owner of the 3231 Broadway complex, Jim Haugen, has rented out the entire downstairs of the 3231 Broadway building to one tenant. Many people never really understood that we (3231 Creatives) don’t own this building.

alexFrom the start, we worked collaboratively with the previous building owner, who understood and valued our long-term vision of turning this large, then underutilized space, into a vibrant place where people could explore multiple ways of being their creative and innovative selves.

the show must go onThe other important aspect of our vision, which is still a very new concept in the world, is creating a living model of being a socially innovative business – meaning a business that at it’s core supports an ecological and / or social need AND creates its own financial engine so it can be sustainable.

artMany folks who were involved with us from the beginning likely recall our previous building owner, Tim’s passionate speech when we were 1st starting up … about how proud his father would have been of him to help create a place for artists, innovators and new kinds of business that supported people in being their best selves.

Unfortunately, when times got tough from a financial stand point, the building fell back into the hands of the original building owner, who unfortunately has never shown any interest in our vision. His desire from the beginning has been clear — to make money from the sale of the building.

galleryWe’ve known for quite some time that this transition might come; so we’ve always been on the look out for other collaborators and other places that would be a good fit and good partners in our 3231 Creative’s vision.

For now, we (3231 Creatives) will be continuing to operate in the upstairs space at 3231 Broadway and are exploring several other spaces in the Everett and surrounding area for Ceramics, Sewing, and all ages music shows. Please let us know if you know of people we should be talking or connecting with.

THANKS for your interest and continued support. We will keep you posted on our evolution.

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