3231 Creatives’ Vision and Mission

3231 Creatives vision is that everyone in the community comes to know and utilize the brilliance of their imagination.

3231 Creatives mission is to collaborate with local community partners to spearhead creative and vitality focused projects intent on helping people learn new skills, cultivate their talent and creativity while supporting local economic development.

Through modeling and living this vision and mission, 3231 Creatives will:

  • Serve as a working model of a collaborative social innovation.
  • Enliven the spirit of the region, engaging participants in self-expression and community learning in fun and imaginative ways.
  • Provide creators, artisans, entrepreneurs, and other community stakeholders a place to collaborate, create life-giving work and desired social change
  • Provide activities that support the local economy and a vibrant community.

Support lifestyle entrepreneurs in the development of projects that have the ability to become revenue generating through our educational processes, on-going support and through sharing expertise to help them succeed.

Other partners / collaborators:

Snohomish Soap Company

Everett Artwalk


Washington Sewing Classes

We Value . . .

  • Innovation – the ability to translate your intentions into everyday practice, to inspire and revolutionize your thinking, the art of being able to change the rules of the game
  • Collaboration – the practice of effectively working together to increase benefits and successes by sharing ideas & resources and by building high trust relationships with one another.
  • Triple bottom line – approaches to work that provide long-term social, ecological, economic benefits
  • Transparency – openly sharing our current situations, motivations and future vision
  • Openness and Inclusiveness – opportunities for all ages and the contribution of existing resources
  • Perspectives and wisdom – honoring what resides in the diversity of our community
  • Flexibility – a willingness to observe, continually learn and adapt in order to achieve our mission and advance our vision
  • Accountability – accepting that being accountable to ourselves means that we are also accountable to others
  • Participation – the willingness to show up, volunteer to help, and to encourage creative expression and development
  • Experimentation – a willingness to take risks and learn new ways of being through trial and error

Operating Principles

  • We will strive to model our vision and values through respect and professionalism toward others
  • We will foster communications and collaboration between all layers of our governance structure
  • Team decisions will align with 3231 Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles and allow for maximum input from knowledgeable sources
  • We are committed to making the most of the talent, assets and resources that reside in our community
  • We will re-purpose physical assets whenever possible as an expression of fiscal responsibility whenever possible.

3231 Creatives Governance

We use a dynamic governance model to promote individual leadership and support the goals of the organization by defining:

  • how our goals will be achieved
  • who makes decisions
  • how decisions are made
  • how priorities are set and considered
  • how money is spent

The governance process, led by 3231 Creatives LLC,  is designed to steer 3231 Creatives toward its vision, purpose, and goals and allows it to adjust in response to changing conditions.  Management sciences have shown that creativity can flow from all members of an organization, and that organizations have civic responsibilities.

3231 Creatives is a social innovation project sponsored in partnership with a nonprofit,  Sound ConneXions. Iris Lemmer and James Lemmer, are also the founders and principals of 3231 Creatives LLC.

Located at:  3231 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201, Our retail store number is 425-740-5030

Our regular open hours in the retail store are Tuesdays – Thursdays, noon to 7, Fridays and Saturdays, noon to 5; and every other Sunday, noon to 5, for Artist Jam (check event calendar for dates)

Our contact numbers:  Iris (425)241-5611, James (425) 241-5911




4 Responses to About

  1. Edmundo Hoffens says:

    Iris, Jim..this is awesome!
    I’m sure you’ve thought about it already, but here’s an idea: developing leaders through art. Offering an “experience” for local business leaders that would result in some powerful artistic creation for the community. The artisans associated with you can provide the teaching and conceptual frameworks, you provide the space and the connections with the communities that need the end product (it could be really anything in the Arts world), the participants’ companies pay and, throughout the process, everyone learns all kinds of leadership skills (including the artisans). Sort of a community of practice with a learning structure behind…
    All the best

    • Iris says:

      Hi Edmundo,
      Thanks for your feedback. I love your idea and would really enjoy talking with you about it when you get the chance. I hope you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let’s try to hook up by phone after this week-end. OK?
      Warm regards, Iris

  2. anne stadler says:

    This is terrific! A great model and so exciting to see it happening! How do I “join”? Love, Anne

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